VENEZIAA pleasant cruise to Venice, lasting around 2 and a half hours, will take us to one oft he most beautiful and the most romantic cites int he world. A great maritime power int he past, called „Serenissima“ and „The Queen oft he Adriatic“ , Venice grew on 118 islands and lagoons intersected by canals, linked by some 400 bridges.  You will visit St Mark´s square, with its basilica-the best example of Byzantine architecture with its Bell Tower and the magnificent Doge´s  Palace. We continue our tour crossing the Accademia Bridge admiring the luxurious beauty oft is palaces.


Tour of Istria

ISTRATOURIstria, Croazia´s largest peninsula, will attract you not only by its coast but also by the lovely and varied inland area. Join our tour to see Red, Grey and White Istria, to enjoy the beauty of its green hills and numerous vineyards. Istria is also abundant in historical and cultural monuments.You will see medieval towns encircled by ramparts, situated on picturesque hilltops offering a fascinating view oft he surrounding valley, fields and mountains. A stop will be made in Pazin, a town in central Istria. Tour of Pula with its monumental Amphitheatre built by the Emperor Vespasian int he 1st Century,the Roman Forum withAugustus´s temple, Sergius triumphal arch and other cultural monuments. Free time for lunch.


Brijuni islands

National park

BRIJUNIHalf day tour

The Brijuni Archipelago consists of 14 islands and isletes of unrivaled beauty, renowend their prederved Mediterranean vegetation and archaeological sites. They were declared a National Park in 1983. We shall visit island  of  Veli Brijuni , the largest island int he archipelago, safari park with various exotic animals suchas zebras, camels, Indian cattle and elephants. We continue our tour with a visit to the photo-exhibition „Tito on Brijuni“ , the Archaelogical Museum and the church of St Germain from the 15st century.


Plitvice lakes

National park

PLITVICESixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls flow into one another ina n incessant play of water and light. Forsets int he National Park are the habitat of various animal species cuch as the wolf, the fox, the rabbit, the lynx, the wild boar, the deer and the brown bear. A guided tour of about three hours includes a drive aboard an elecrtic mini train, a boat ride on the lake amd walk.


Postojna & Lipica

POSTOJNAThis is an excursion for all those who love nature and thoroughbred horses. After a pleasant drive we arrive to the small place of Postojna, where we can see oft he best know and most beautiful caves in Europe . The caves are 22 km long, anda n electric train will take us through a part of it, after which we shall walk for about two kilometers through the most beautiful part oft he caves.

Afterwards we continue to Lipica , the place where the wellknowLipizzaner horses have been bred for centuries.



BAREDINEDrive  towarsd the hinterland where one oft he most beautiful natural phenomena oft he Istrian Karst is hidde the cave of Baredine, connected with many legends.  We shall also have the opportunity to se ean endemic species-the proteus. (Proteus anguineus). After visiting the cave we proceed to the wine tasting. Afterwards with an expert guide we shall make a visit oft he town of Poreč and get acquainted with its rich past and its historic monuments.


Pula & Lim Fjord

PULAThe city of pula, situated int he southernmost part oft he Istrianpeninsula, boasts a history long 3 thousand years. Numerous cultural monuments from the Roman  times adorn this city: Amphitheatre, the Arch oft he Sergius, Forum, Temple of Augustus. We shall enter the Amphitheatre, which today is a stage of numerous events and concerts. After Pula you will visit a beautiful bay called Lim fjord, famous for its oyster beds. Our tour ends with a panoramic boat ride along the Lim fjord.